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preg_mil_wives's Journal

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Welcome to preg_mil_wives! This community is for anyone who is pregnant or Trying to conceive (TTC). You must be married, engaged or a girlfriend of someone in the military. There is no age limit, however, here are a few rules!


001. You may not put down any member for their decisions for their family or their pregnancy.

002. Your journal cannot be brand new, or a journal that has never been used. (This is to cut down on spamming and false accounts.)

003. You are not allowed to put down or mistreat any member of this community. Doing so will result in being banned from this community and reported to LJ Abuse.

004. Upon joining you must fill out our survey.

005. Mark all posts as FRIENDS ONLY.
(This cuts down on random people looking at important information about your spouse and/or your location.)

006. If I or any member of this community finds that a user from this community is copy and pasting friends only posts into any sort of drama community, you will be immediatly banned from the community and lj abuse will be contacted. This violates the TOS for copyright infrigment.

007. If you have a problem with a member please use the mode of contact located further down the page. We will try to solve the issue, if the issue is unsolvable, then it will result in both members being deleted & banned.


If you would like to join the community simply click here. Upon joining your request will be sent to a Mod of the community and accepted in a timely fashion. You may be subject to rejection if,

a) You have never posted in your journal.

b) Your journal is brand new.

c) We have no way of confirming your information.


Once accepted you may fill out the preg_mil_wives' short survey and post it. Doing this will allow other members to get to know you. These entries will be marked friends-only to ensure the information stays within the community. I, or any other maintainer, will NOT tolerate copy and pasting into ANY other livejournal community, or journal. Doing so would be subject to violation of copyright and Livejournal's TOS.

Copy and paste this into your entry boxes. DO NOT USE rich text editor when updating.

insurancexx@livejournal.com | Amanda jo

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If you would like me to add your commuity to the list, please
E-MAIL me your community name & Discription, as well as adding our community to your userinfo. Spread the love, yes? Also, please only communities that fit the catagory.